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Japanese Sake
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From: $69.00

Alcohol: 15%

Rice Type:

Rice Growth: Aichi
Rice Polishing Ratio: 65%

This sake is balanced, tantalising and smooth as liquid silver. It pairs perfectly with sushi, ceviche or even a burger after a long day at the beach. With fabulous and accessible floral notes, you can try a dash of yuzu and soda to enhance its natural effervescence or enjoy it in our favourite way — ice cold and undiluted.

Single Bottle (720mL): $69.00
Case of Six: $360.00


SAKE SAKE takes you on a rolling journey through the ancient to the present-day, a shimmering wave of flavour that combines thousands of years of history with a modernist sensibility.

In our quest for excellence, we partnered with the world renowned Sekiya Brewery to bring you SAKE SAKE’s Junmai. Established in 1864, the brewery is situated 500 meters above sea level, high up in the mountains of the Aichi Prefecture. The source of water is some of the softest and most pure in Japan. With this simplest of raw materials, combined with over 150 years of experience in sake brewing, SAKE SAKE aims to bring you the best sake that you have ever tasted.

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